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These are the most important insurances for property managers.

  • customized commercial insurance
  • get a non-binding quote in 9 minutes
  • purchase and manage 100 % online
  • meet the requirements of insurance mandate
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What damages are covered?

  • financial damages of third parties
  • personal injury, property damage and consequential property damage
  • damage caused by Internet use
  • inventory and electronic damages of the administration
  • costs of legal disputes
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How much does this cost?

The business liability insurance is available

from 27.96 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for you or your business? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Covered in 9 minutes!*

Step 1 – Answer a few questions about your business

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All-round insurance for property managers

In their work with real estate, property managers take a high risk every day. In the event of damage, for example, five- or six-figure claims can be made by landlords or tenants who have suffered damage. The most effective way to protect yourself against a loss that threatens your existence is to have the right insurance - in some cases, this protection is even mandatory. Here you can find out how to insure yourself and your activities as a property manager in a tailor-made way.

Tailor-made insurance cover for property managers

Professional liability, business liability or contents insurance: Which insurance is really important for property managers? And what do different insurance products and their components include? Because of their complexity, commercial insurance policies in particular can become a challenge for the self-employed and small businesses. This does not have to be the case. With us, you'll receive your individually calculated insurance coverage in just nine minutes and completely online. Get your quote now - including mandatory insurance for property managers.

Our insurances for property managers - the advantages:   

  • customized protection tailored to the risks and size of the property management company
  • non-binding quote calculation in just nine minutes 
  • personal consultation with insurance experts possible
  • immediate price calculation thanks to insureQ algorithm - including compulsory insurance 
  • convenient online processing of contract adjustments and damage reports  
  • ARAG, R+V and Hiscox as insurance carriers and experienced partners

Why is insurance important for property managers?

In order not to endanger the existence of your activity as a property manager, you should think about the appropriate insurance cover at an early stage. Depending on the modules you choose, it will cover you if you or a third party suffers damage in connection with your property management activities. In most cases, such damages are hardly foreseeable and you can be as careful as you like: Accidents, omissions or force majeure can always lead to a loss.

Which insurances do I need as a property manager?

Basically, an insurance quote must be calculated individually for each property manager. In the following section, we can therefore only provide an initial orientation as to which insurance is basically a possibility. If you want to know more, you can get an insurance quote with the help of our insureQ algorithm. Also good to know: All our insurance solutions offer coverage for all typical activities of a property manager (all-risk insurance) and do not have to be explicitly named - this distinguishes us from many other insurers.

Professional liability for property managers - compulsory insurance

Taking out professional liability insurance - also known as financial loss liability or pecuniary loss insurance - has been mandatory for property managers since August 1, 2018 and is thus a prerequisite for being able to manage real estate. It insures genuine financial losses, i.e. financial claims for damages that, for example, owners or tenants of a property make against you. With insureQ's professional liability insurance, you are also covered for personal injury - i.e. financial damages that you yourself incur. Even a sideline job as a janitor is - in contrast to many other insurers - included in our professional liability insurance for property managers.

Practical examples of professional liability: examples of claims by property managers

To illustrate in which case coverage for financial damages becomes really important, we have compiled a few examples here.

Example 1: You fail to pass on a rent increase to the tenants of a property for six months. Subsequently, this is no longer possible. The owner demands that you reimburse the lost rental income.

Example 2: Since time is pressing and you have only recently started working as a property manager, you copy a friend's rental agreement. What you don't know is that he has copied the contract from the competition without permission. Because of the copyright infringement, you now have to pay damages.

Example 3: After viewing an apartment, your employees accidentally send a rental agreement to two interested parties. The mistake is not noticed until late. The tenants both insist on their rights. A legal dispute ensues.

Public liability for property managers

In addition to mandatory protection against financial loss due to an error or omission, business liability insurance for property managers is also important. It may seem that this insurance is only for businesses. However, it actually provides different protection than professional liability insurance. It covers bodily injury, property damage and consequential property damage to third parties. This protection is important when third parties or their property may be harmed on site - for example, during renovation work on a property.

Practical examples of public liability: examples of damage caused by property managers

In this section, we have summarized examples of damage covered by our insurance coverage.

Example 1: During renovation work, expensive furniture stored in the basement by a tenant is damaged (= property damage). As the property manager who was responsible for supervising the work, you are supposed to pay for the damage.

Example 2: Before you go on your well-deserved winter vacation, you neglect to commission the winter service. As a result, a tenant falls in front of the building entrance and breaks his arm and injures his hip (= personal injury). The landlord forwards the claim for damages to you.

Example 3: The injured tenant from the second example cannot work due to his injury and is absent for several weeks. Since he works as a freelancer, he misses out on his usual sales (= consequential financial loss).

Cyber insurance for property managers.

Insurance against cyber attacks is worthwhile for any business owner who uses Internet services. This ranges from a simple e-mail to a company's presence on the Internet. Cyber insurance not only covers damage caused by external attacks, but also pays for damage and business interruptions caused, for example, by the company's own employees. Our cyber insurance also offers additional services such as support from PR experts, IT consultants or data protection lawyers, and provides training for employees so that no damage occurs in the first place.

Practical examples from property managers: cyber attacks and their consequences

We've also summarized case studies for cyber insurance to illustrate the types of cyber incidents for which appropriate insurance can help property managers.

Example 1: One of your employees makes a mistake while operating the property management software. As a result, important tenant data is lost (= damage due to operating error).

Example 2: Due to the operating error from the first example, your property management company is no longer able to act and has to interrupt its operations (= damage due to business interruption).

Example 3: Your employees receive phishing e-mails that appear to have been sent by you. In fact, fraudsters are behind it, gaining access to tenants' sensitive information (= network security breach). You will be held responsible for the damage.

Electronics and contents insurance for property managers

Whether technical equipment or inventory: damage to office space can be expensive. In the event of damage, contents insurance covers the costs of repair, replacement and restoration. It covers damage caused by storm, hail, fire, power water and burglary. It doesn't matter whether the damage occurs in your office building, on a business trip or at a customer's site - and you can also add business interruption insurance due to the damage if it is not already included in the insurance coverage. For example, if your laptop is damaged during a customer appointment, insureQ electronics and contents insurance will cover the cost of a new device. You can thus save on a specific insurance for your smartphone.

Practical examples of content insurance: damage to office equipment and electronics

The following damages are covered by electronics and contents insurance.

Example 1: A water pipe in your office building is damaged during renovation work and causes considerable damage to your technical equipment and inventory (= tap water damage).

Example 2: Criminals break into your office premises, steal the electronics and destroy your furnishings (= damage due to burglary).

Example 3: A fire caused by a short circuit means that you have to close your office for a while - but the fixed costs continue to run.

In addition to specific insurances for property managers, business legal protection is one of the most fundamental safeguards for a self-employed person or a company. This is because the risk of getting into a legal dispute is often underestimated - often all it takes is a disappointed employee or an angry tenant. Corporate legal protection insurance provides you with a lawyer and covers the costs of a court hearing. In this way, property managers can prevent too great a financial burden from a legal dispute.

Insurance for property managers: Who is covered?

With insurance for property managers from insureQ, members of the management as well as all employees and freelancers are covered. In addition, the insurance coverage includes volunteers, employees of temporary employment agencies, working students and interns. Subsidiaries within the European Economic Area are also covered by property management insurance.

How much does insurance for property managers cost?

Whether you work as an independent property manager or in a large property management company has an impact on the insurance coverage you need and the associated costs. In addition to the size of the company, specific risks and the coverage amount of the insurance also play a crucial role in the cost calculation. For this reason, we cannot quote an amount for your insurance coverage here. Instead, we recommend that you get a non-binding quote. This can be done in just a few minutes using our insureQ algorithm. This way, you can find the optimal insurance coverage for your work as a property manager.

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