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Which damages are covered?

  • Third-party claims (personal injury, property damage, financial loss)

  • Damages suffered by you (legal costs, inventory and cyber damage)

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How much does business insurance cost?

Business insurance is available

from 6.99 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for you or your business? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Covered in 9 minutes!*

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*Depending on elected insurance product, desired start-date of policy and our insurance partners

Industry-specific commercial insurance fitted to your risks

Today, business and company insurances are as individual as the companies themselves. With insureQ's tailor-made insurance cover, you can protect yourself quickly, easily and comprehensively against the risks of your industry.

What is a business insurance?

There is no such thing as business insurance in the classic sense. A business insurance policy always consists of a combination of several different insurance products which, in the best case, are precisely adapted to the respective company or self-employed activity and therefore also cover all possible risks - regardless of whether they are claims for damages, court costs, loss of earnings, loss of payment or damage to company property.

Uninsured claims from very different areas can cause enormous costs. Since self-employed persons are sometimes liable with their private assets, they can quickly threaten their existence.

A carefully compiled portfolio of business and company insurances protects you, your company and your future. Even if the focus is on protecting the company or business, personal protection (e.g. in the event of disability) often also plays a fundamental role.

What types of business insurance are there?

Since every industry has its own risks to face, more and more insurance products and policies, some of them very individual, have emerged within the insurance industry over time. The "classic" business insurances, which plays a fundamental role for many different industries, often include the following:

  • professional liability insurance

  • public liability insurance

  • legal protection insurance

  • content insurance

At the same time, there are many other insurances for companies that are much more specialised but - depending on the industry - can be at least as important as the better-known variants. These include, among others:

  • D&O / directors and officers liability insurance

  • product liability insurance

  • commercial buildings insurance

  • business interruption insurance

  • cyber insurance

  • electronic & machinery breakdown insurance

  • cargo insurance (+ freight forwarders liability insurance)

  • fidelity insurance

  • credit insurance

  • and much more

Other business or company insurances are very much oriented towards the requirements of specific occupational fields. These include glass insurance, surety, water liability insurance or car contents insurance.

Which business insurance does my company need?

The right insurance cover for entrepreneurs, the self-employed and freelancers is not an off-the-shelf product. In addition to the industry and the number of employees, the insurance cover that a business insurance package should include also depends on, e.g., what type of machines are located on the premises. Since it is almost impossible to make general statements, we simply skip this step and put together the business insurance cover that best suits you, your activity and the actual risks.

 insureQ: all insurances for your business from one source 

Whether you work as a tradesman, IT service provider, consultant, restaurant owner, freight forwarder or in a completely different field: with the help of our intelligent insureQ algorithm, we put together the right business insurance cover for you. It protects you against all relevant risks and at the same time prevents you from unnecessary extra costs. By entering the key data about your activity and your business, we can quickly and easily assess which business insurances and sections thereof you need.

If you wish, the entire process including the purchase of your insurance policy can be completed in just a few minutes and 100 % digitally. If you have any questions about individual aspects or adjustments to your cover, our insurance experts are always available to assist.

Your tailor-made business insurance from insureQ:

  • individual protection for entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers

  • liability, legal protection, etc. - all business insurances from a single source

  • 100 % digital: take out insurance online within a few minutes

  • personalised offer with immediate price calculation

  • personal insurance advice from experts on request

  • Hiscox, ARAG and R+V as insurance carriers and experienced partners

There is no need for prior experience and complicated industry terminology to find the right protection with insureQ. We always make sure that you know exactly which part of the business insurance is relevant to you and your activity. Our service is available to you online and, if you wish, also personally on the phone.

Who are the risk carriers of insureQ business insurance?

insureQ stands for a fast, convenient version of insurance. In order to combine innovation and digitisation with stability and to offer you comprehensive protection in all areas, we work together with three experienced insurance partners. Hiscox, ARAG and R+V have been active in commercial insurance for more than 100 years and ensure that you are on the safe side in all situations of your everyday professional life.

Which insurances do I need for my business?

Business insurance is generally not mandatory - at least for most sectors. Unlike private health or motor vehicle liability insurance, for example, as an entrepreneur or self-employed person you can decide for yourself whether you want to take out certain business insurance policies.

The fact that the impression often arises that insurance is compulsory for all businesses and self-employed is due to the fact that almost every self-employed in Germany takes out professional or public liability insurance. The reason: even several years of premium payments often amount to only a fraction of what a single uninsured claim could cost. This principle can be applied to almost every common company and business insurance policy.

Industries & professions: For whom is company insurance mandatory?

In some sectors certain risks are part of everyday work. Hence certain professions must have insurance coverage in place by law. For example, lawyers only receive their licence if they have proof of professional liability insurance with a minimum coverage of €250,000. Other examples for businesses requiring mandatory insurance are as follows:

IndustryMandatory Insurance
PhysiciansPublic liability
DentistsPublic liability
Alternative practitioner (Chamber members) Public liability
PharmacistsPublic liability, product liability, transport insurance (for medication dispatch) 
LawyersProfessional liability
Tax consultantsProfessional liability
NotariesProfessional liability
AuditorsProfessional liability
Real estate or property managersLiability for pecuniary damage
ArchitectsProfessional liability
EngineersProfessional liability
Transport service providerstransport insurance

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  • Industry-specific commercial insurance fitted to your risks
  • What is a business insurance?
  • What types of business insurance are there?
  • Which business insurance does my company need?
  • Which insurances do I need for my business?