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Based on the key data of your company, we calculate an industry-specific insurance cover that fits your risks and protects you reliably.
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In just 9 minutes, you get your industry-specific insurance coverage – including exact costs. In the process we avoid complicated terms, lengthy discussions and unnecessary extras.
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From the conclusion of an insurance policy, to contract adjustments, to the reporting of claims – with us you can digitally keep track of your insurances. Or simply contact one of our insurance experts if you have questions.

Our offer to secure your business

Don't worry! Not all of these policies are for you. The perfect coverage is always depending on your industry, your specific risk as well as the size of your business. It therefore has to be calculated manually.

Direct contact, for example with a customer, can result in personal injury and property damage that can run into the millions. Public liability insurance covers you if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property at work.

If you have a store and sell products under your name, you are liable for them – regardless of whether you manufacture goods yourself or import them. Product liability insurance protects you from financial consequences if, for example, a customer suffers personal injury, property damage or financial loss as a result of your product.

Professional liability insurance in particular is defined differently by many insurance providers. For us, it includes protection that covers financial damages and claims for damages suffered by third parties – for example, a customer as a result of a consulting error.

Anyone can get into a legal dispute – also without any fault of their own. A resentful ex-employee, an angry customer or a traffic dispute can result in high costs. Legal protection insurance is therefore essential for every self-employed person. It covers the costs of court, lawyers and the like.

Anyone who works as a managing director and decision-maker should protect themselves with a Directors & Officers insurance (also known as managing director liability insurance) so that they are not liable with their own assets in the event of a claim.

Growing digitization also means more potential targets for threats from the Internet – already starting with e-mail correspondence. Cyber insurance protects against financial losses from cyber attacks, DSGVO violations and operating errors.

Damage to office equipment or warehouses due to fire, water damage, storm damage or burglary can be expensive. Contents insurance covers the costs of restoration – even if the damage occurred on a business trip or at the customer's premises.

This insurance cover is often mandatory for transport service providers and is required by many customers when placing orders. The reason is that transport insurance covers the financial consequences if goods are damaged or lost before or during transport.