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Which damages are covered?

  • fire, storm and hail damages
  • damaged inventory due to burglary
  • tap water damage to furnishings and inventory
  • damage to electronic equipment
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How much does this policy cost?

The content insurance is available

from 8.90 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for you or your business? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Covered in 9 minutes!*

Step 1 - Answer a few questions about your business

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*Depending on elected insurance product, desired start-date of policy and our insurance partners

Better cover for business equipment and goods

Every business - be it your own shop, an office or a warehouse - always includes inventory and equipment. In order to protect expensive equipment, goods and supplies against damage, (business) contents insurance (also called inventory insurance or business equipment insurance) is a sensible measure for entrepreneurs, founders and managing directors. With insureQ, it is easy to find individual protection for your own company online and within a few minutes.

Protect your business with the right content insurance

Whether the new office furniture or the stock of your business: as soon as you store valuable items in your premises, they are inevitably exposed to a risk of theft, damage and the corresponding consequential costs. Commercial contents or inventory insurance is therefore an essential part of the insurance cover for the optimal protection of your business. It covers damage to your business inventory that you, as the manager, would otherwise have to pay for yourself.

Content insurance from insureQ: personalisable and 100 % digital

With just a few questions, insureQ can find out whether business contents insurance is suitable for you and your company and which model fits best: You tell us the key data online (e.g. size of company, type of inventory and approximate value of stock) and within a few seconds our algorithm determines the insurance components that are actually relevant for your company. You can then further personalise the suggested cover - if you are unsure about any aspect, our insurance experts will be happy to advise you personally over the phone.

Once you are satisfied with your insurance package, you simply book it online with insureQ and you are 100 % covered against consequential costs of theft and other damage to company inventory. If you suffer damage, you can report it online at any time via the insureQ portal.

Individual content insurance - your advantages with insureQ:

  • customised content insurance for your business

  • comprehensive, personalised quote within minutes

  • completely digital and without administrative effort

  • instant cost calculation using the insureQ algorithm

  • process claims notifications & policy adjustments directly online

  • personal advice and telephone support from our experts on request

  • insureQ: all commercial insurances from one source

  • ARAG, Hiscox and R+V insurances - our experienced partners for guaranteed security

Our offer is aimed specifically at small companies and the self-employed. InsureQ works 100 % online and is therefore perfectly tailored to the needs of modern entrepreneurs. If you have any questions, our insurance experts are always available to answer them personally.

(Business-) content insurance - what do I need to know?

If you want to protect your office inventory or stock against all potential damage, business content insurance is a must for your company. We give you an overview of what contents insurance includes, what damage it covers and what costs you should expect.

What is commercial content insurance?

Contents insurance (also called business contents insurance or inventory insurance) protects the inventory of your office, warehouse or shop against a large part of potential damage. In addition to fire and water pipe damage, this also includes theft and wilful damage by third parties.

What damage does content insurance cover?

With business contents insurance, you are covered against the most common losses that can occur in connection with the company's own inventory. These include:

  • fire

  • lightning and explosions

  • burglary, theft, robbery, vandalism

  • water pipe damage

  • storm damage, hail damage

  • other natural hazards (e.g. avalanches, landslides, flooding)

Depending on the sector, it may also be a sensible step to extend the contents or inventory insurance with supplementary modules for the following risks:

  • damage due to malicious intent

  • lockout

  • smoke, soot

  • vehicle impact

  • unknown perils (so-called all risks cover)

Contents insurance does not cover damage caused by gross negligence or intent. As a rule, war, nuclear energy and severe natural disasters (e.g. storm surges, tsunamis) are also among the causes excluded from insurance cover.

How does content insurance help me in case of damage?

If you or your business suffer inventory damage, business contents insurance can help in several ways: On the one hand, it pays for the costs incurred in the repair, restoration or replacement of objects, equipment and goods. On the other hand, it also covers the costs incurred in the course of these processes. These may include, for example, clean-up or fire-fighting costs, security costs and payments for experts.

The property damage value is determined by the replacement value of the damaged inventory or - in the case of particularly old equipment - by the resale value.

What inventory does commercial contents insurance cover?

Contents and inventory insurance is liable for damage to movable company property. This means: inventory that is necessary for carrying out a business. This includes both technical and commercial equipment as well as stored goods:

  • technical equipment: all machinery and equipment required by a trade for its activity

  • commercial equipment: furnishings, such as desks and office furniture

Third-party property provided to the business by customers, for example, and employees' work materials are also included in the insurance cover.

In some special cases, it should be checked in advance whether the contents insurance applies: data and computer programmes do not count as property for many insurers and must therefore be additionally protected by electronics or cyber insurance. Also, larger sums of cash or valuables are not always insured - or only under certain conditions. If you see your business as being exposed to a particular risk here, this can, however, be covered by extended conditions or an additional insurance policy.

Is content insurance mandatory?

Business content insurance is not legally obligatory for entrepreneurs. However, for small and medium-sized businesses in particular, there are simple reasons that make it at least indirectly obligatory in order to ensure the continuity of the business in the event of an emergency: If there is no insurance cover, the costs must be covered by the business (or the management). Especially for smaller companies and self-employed persons, such a case would usually have consequences that would jeopardise the future of the business.

How much does business content insurance cost?

As with other insurance policies, the range of monthly insurance costs for business content insurance is very wide. This is partly due to the fact that the value of the insured inventory and the individual risks to which shops and businesses are exposed vary greatly. The following factors play a key role when taking out business contents insurance and the associated costs:

  • size of the trade

  • planned sum insured

  • type of business

  • location

  • type of building and security measures

  • claims history

By entering a few key data of your business, insureQ can create your personalised insurance quote within a few minutes. The immediate price calculation also lets you know immediately what costs or premiums are associated with the inventory insurance.

The sum insured (also called coverage amount) is the maximum amount an insurer will pay out to you in the event of a claim. In the case of a content or inventory insurance policy, it should always be selected so that it can cover the replacement value of all insured equipment and stock as well as the conversion costs that arise from a loss. Since this value does not remain the same over time, it is recommended to set the sum insured at least 10 % above the calculated maximum damage value.

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  • (Business-) content insurance - what do I need to know?
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  • What damage does content insurance cover?
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