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Which damages are covered?

  • financial damages of third parties
  • personal injury, property damage and consequential property damage
  • damage caused by products and cyber attacks
  • inventory, warehouse and electronic damage
  • costs for legal disputes
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How much does e-commerce insurance cost?

Coverage for online shops is available

from 14.63 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for you or your business? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Covered in 9 minutes!*

Step 1 – Answer a few questions about your business

Step 2 – Get a product recommendation and personalized quote

Step 3 – Purchase your coverage immediately and manage 100 % online

*Depending on elected insurance product, desired start-date of policy and our insurance partners

Insurance: Better cover for online stores

Online commerce is more popular than ever before. So it doesn't pay to take unnecessary risks. Damage to goods, trademark infringements or physical damages caused by one of your products can quickly become a major financial burden for your e-commerce business. Our recommendation: a tailor-made insurance solution that covers individual risks precisely. That's why we have developed an uncomplicated online process: Simply enter your company's key data and calculate your quote.

Tailor-made insurance cover for online shops

Insure your online store now according to company and industry specific requirements. Our insureQ algorithm calculates the right insurance cover that reliably protects your risks.

Individual insurance for your online store - the advantages:   

  • Customized protection tailored to the risks of your store
  • Non-binding quote calculation in just nine minutes 
  • Personal consultation with insurance experts possible
  • instant price calculation thanks to insureQ algorithm - including compulsory insurance 
  • convenient online processing of contract adjustments and damage reports  
  • ARAG, R+V and Hiscox as insurance carriers and experienced partners

Why do e-commerce shops need insurance?

A large number of self-manufactured and imported goods, the Internet as a working environment and a flood of sales channels and customer data make online stores particularly vulnerable to damage claims. The costs arising from product liability, cyber attacks or data breaches can amount to several million euros. A small mistake can quickly put your own existence at stake. It no longer matters how careful you are, but how you protect yourself for the event of an emergency. Therefore it is essential to insure the biggest risks for e-commerce stores.

What insurance does my web shop need?

To reliably protect your e-commerce business, we advise you to take out a customized insurance policy. Our algorithm calculates which components you need for this on the basis of your company's key data. This also means that we can only give you an overview of relevant insurances here. However, you can calculate which insurances are really important for your online store within a few minutes.

Business/product liability insurance - especially important for online stores

Business liability insurance in combination with product liability is probably the most important insurance protection for e-commerce businesses. Public liability insures personal injury, property damage and consequential financial loss incurred by third parties - and pays for corresponding claims for damages. Product liability insurance in this case means that damage caused by a product you sell is covered by the insurance. This also applies if you import this product from outside the European Economic Area and thus act as a "quasi-manufacturer". If a third party is injured by one of your products, claims for damages can quickly run into six figures.

Public liability and product liability: examples of damage

Example 1: In addition to your online store, you also sell your goods in a small store. A customer trips over a cable and injures her knee. She demands compensation for pain and suffering.

Example 2: You sell an imported necklace that is labeled "nickel-free". Nevertheless, a customer reacts with severe allergic reactions. Since you imported the necklace into the European Economic Area, you are liable as the manufacturer.

Example 3: Due to damaged laptop cables that you sell via your online store, a short circuit occurs and finally a customer suffers fire damage.

A business liability policy not only covers this and other damages, but also usually includes passive legal protection that fends off unjustified or excessive claims - even in court.

Liability insurance for financial loss in online retailing

A financial loss liability insurance - also called business liability insurance - becomes especially important for your online store if you accidentally violate trademark, copyright or personal rights. This is the case, for example, if you use third-party images, sound and text material on your website. A pecuniary damage liability policy then covers the claims for damages that a third party holds against you.

Liability insurance for financial loss: Examples of damage in online commerce

Example 1: You download images from the Internet for your website. You overlook the fact that these are protected by trademark law and are sued as a result.

Example 2: The imprint of your website contains incomplete information. Furthermore, it cannot be reached from every page. A few weeks after the launch you receive a warning. In case of an actual violation of competition law, the costs can be up to 5,000 Euros.

Example 3: One of your employees makes a mistake. You offer goods at a much lower price than agreed with your business partner. He claims the loss of sales back from you.

Cyber insurance for e-commerce shops

Online stores are exposed to risks such as hacker attacks, data loss and computer viruses on a daily basis. That's why not only preventive security measures regarding the IT infrastructure are key, but also insurance coverage that helps out when damage has already occurred due to a cyber incident. The special cyber insurance for online stores from insureQ also offers the option of adding coverage for business interruption. If sales are then lost, for example due to a cyber attack, the insurance will reimburse the costs.

Damage examples from online stores: Dangers on the Internet

Example 1: A targeted denial-of-service attack paralyzes your online store for several days. During this time, you do not sell any goods and suffer high sales losses.

Example 2: An employee accidentally publishes your customers' credit card data on the Internet. Your online store is sued for damages by the affected customers.

content insurance for e-commerce shops

A business equipment and warehouse insurance protects inventory, electronics and goods financially. This way, in the event of damage due to storm, hail, fire, power water or a burglary, you won't be stuck with the costs, but can simply report the damage to your insurance company and get reimbursed for the amount of the loss. In addition, business interruption insurance covers the loss of sales that you incur due to destroyed goods or inventory.

Practical examples of online stores: Damage to warehouse and business equipment

Example 1: Lightning strikes your warehouse and causes a fire that completely destroys your inventory. The damage amounts to a five-digit sum.

Example 2: Criminals break into your offices. They steal valuable electrical equipment and destroy the rest of your furnishings.

Without appropriate coverage, you have to bear the cost of these damages yourself.

Insurance coverage for online stores: Who is covered?

Customized insurance coverage from insureQ not only covers you and your online store, but also all your employees. This includes:

  • managing directors
  • employees and freelancers
  • working students and interns
  • Volunteers and employees of temporary employment agencies
  • subsidiaries within the European Economic Area

The insurance coverage even covers globally shipped goods - except USA and Canada.

What does it cost to insure my online store?

Since the cost of insuring online stores always depends on specific company data, we unfortunately can't give you a blanket amount here. However, with the help of our insureQ algorithm, we can calculate the exact costs in a non-binding insurance quote. This works 100% digitally and in just a few minutes. Get your customized insurance coverage now.

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  • Insurance coverage for online stores: Who is covered?
  • What does it cost to insure my online store?