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Which damages are covered?

  • expenses for defending own interests in court
  • expenses for lawyers' and experts' fees
  • accusations of fraud and their consequences (extended criminal law protection)
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How much does this policy cost?

The legal liability insurance is available from

13.30 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for you or your business? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Protected in 9 minutes!*

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*Depending on elected insurance product, desired start-date of policy and our insurance partners

Corporate legal protection for companies: Legal protection in the event of a dispute

Whether re-claims of Corona aid, claims for damages or disagreements with employees – if the matter goes to court, it can quickly become very expensive. Protect yourself and your business simply, quickly and tailored to your needs. We support you in this - together with ARAG legal protection insurance.

insureQ: legal protection made for your company

The fact that there are so many question marks surrounding the topic of business legal protection is often due to the terms used: The insurance industry has built a complicated construct around terms such as business legal protection, business legal protection or commercial legal protection, which is difficult to understand, especially for newcomers. But not with insureQ: Here you get exactly the company legal protection that suits you, your company and your risks.

100 % digital: your customized business legal protection

Our approach: You tell us what you do - we tell you which components you need in your commercial legal protection. With the help of our intelligent insureQ algorithm, you can find your personal insurance coverage with just a few clicks. No need for any prior knowledge. But if you still have questions, our experts will be happy to support you personally: They know the legal risks and can therefore put together the modules for your individual business legal protection.

This also means that you only pay for the protection you actually need. Our flexible conditions mean we can make you an attractive offer and keep your deductible as low as possible. All this happens 100% digitally or, if you wish, in a personal meeting: We stand for a fast, convenient version of insurance and want to give you the opportunity to find the optimal insurance coverage with just a few clicks.

Customized business legal protection from insureQ - your advantages:

  • legal protection for SMEs, start-ups & freelancers
  • individual protection - tailored exactly to your industry, plans and risks
  • 100% digital: take out insurance in just a few minutes
  • personal telephone consultation upon request
  • conveniently handle contract adjustments & damage reports online
  • ARAG as insurance carrier and experienced partner
With insureQ you get all important commercial insurances directly from one source. As your partner for all insurance topics, we are there for you - either conveniently online or in the form of a personal consultation on the phone. Let our insurance experts advise you or simply put together the right company legal protection for you and your business.

Business legal protection - the most important facts at a glance

We want you to understand, even without any prior knowledge, what exactly business legal protection insurance is, which claims it covers, and which parts of it are actually relevant to your industry. Therefore, here is an overview with the most important information about business legal protection.

What is business legal protection insurance?

The good news is that whether it is business legal protection insurance, commercial legal protection or business legal protection, the bottom line is that these terms mean the same thing. The insurance covers the costs that you and your company may incur through various types of legal disputes.

This is why business legal protection insurance is not dependent on your industry or the type of business you are in, but is sensible and important for all entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers from day one.

Is passive business legal protection sufficient?

Commercial legal protection insurance is one of the commercial insurances that every entrepreneur should have. A simplified version of company legal protection is therefore often already integrated into your existing business liability or property damage liability insurance. However, caution is advised: Such "passive" legal protection insurance for companies only takes effect if claims have been wrongfully made against you and your company in the course of a legal dispute. However, if you have to take legal action yourself, you will have to bear the costs yourself.

A comprehensive, stand-alone commercial legal protection policy is therefore not only important to be able to claim your rights in the event of an emergency. It also helps you to be on the safe side for a wide range of cases and to be able to defend yourself against companies that have a much larger budget for legal disputes - even if you have not set aside any reserves for this yourself.

What makes insureQ's legal protection for businesses so special?

Templates for contracts Get online access to over 1,000 sample letters and contracts from various areas of law. All documents are up to date and written in an understandable way.

The right lawyer Choose your lawyer yourself or seek advice from our experts. The ARAG network for lawyers sets the highest standards for the quality of legal assistance and includes specialized lawyers for all areas of law.

Protection from legal costs

Protect yourself from unnecessary financial burdens. In addition to attorney's fees, ARAG also covers the costs of court proceedings, compensation for witnesses and expert witnesses. In addition, the costs of the opposing party are covered - if required by the court.

Management of receivables

No need to hassle with outstanding receivables. With our corporate legal insurance, you can hand them over to an ARAG collection partner. If the debtor settles 100 % of the claim, you will of course also be paid 100 %.

Chats with a lawyer

You can reach our lawyers either by phone or conveniently via live chat. For urgent questions - for example, on the subject of DSGVO or short-time work - a single consultation can be enough to provide clarity.

Update guarantee for rates

Automatically benefit from the best performance. Future improvements and additions within your selected premium rate automatically apply to your existing contract as well. So you're always optimally protected without having to change your contract.

What costs does business legal protection insurance cover?

In many business relationships, no major trigger is needed for a legal dispute to arise - even minor differences of opinion or misunderstandings are often taken as an opportunity to have them resolved in an "official" manner. Especially when a company is still in the start-up phase, legal costs can quickly become an unexpected business risk.

Corporate legal expenses insurance ensures that this risk doesn't exist, and in the event of a lawsuit, you won't have to worry about whether you can afford to pay the right lawyer for another week.

Which claims does the business legal protection cover?

Good commercial legal protection covers all instances in the event of a court hearing and also covers all other "phases" of a legal dispute. Both the business owner and the employees are insured, so the following costs are usually fully covered:

  • initial legal consultation
  • attorney fees, court costs & litigation expenses
  • expert witnesses and appraisers
  • witness fees / compensation
  • security deposits (loans)
  • advances

Important: Most benefits are subject to a waiting period after conclusion of the contract, which is often 3 months. Insurers set this period in order to prevent company legal protection from being taken out only when a threatened legal dispute is already imminent. Commercial legal protection therefore does not work retroactively.

Corporate legal protection: Which modules do I need?

Since business legal protection insurance policies are usually structured according to a modular principle, the above-mentioned benefits form something like the "core". Depending on the industry and company, it can therefore make sense to expand the legal protection and thus also adapt to special circumstances and risks. These include, for example:

  • legal protection of commercial traffic

    • e.g. accidents with company vehicles, fine proceedings of the company fleet.

  • legal protection for commercial real estate

    • e.g. legal protection in the event of rental disputes.

  • extended criminal law protection

    • e.g. special types of proceedings such as fraud.

  • corporate contract legal protection

    • e.g. contractual disputes with customers, suppliers, manufacturers or service providers.

  • employer protection

    • e.g., litigation regarding terminations, severance pay, etc.

  • private legal protection insurance

    • e.g. coverage of the managing director's family.

Special industry-specific services can often be integrated into the legal protection policy. Examples include the assumption of receivables management (incl. debt collection processing), credit checks, special internal legal protection insurance for DSGVO issues, or mediation for out-of-court settlements.

Of course, it is difficult to generalize which modules are actually relevant for individual industries. By answering a few questions about your business, our insurance experts will put together the legal protection for you that covers all your potential risks without you paying for any unnecessary extras.

How much will business legal protection insurance cost me?

Legal protection is one of those insurances whose benefits you may never make use of. This fact naturally tempts you not to take it out in the first place, as you tend to be convinced, especially at the beginning of a business, that you will not have much to do with legal disputes anyway.

Since this approach can quickly take revenge, the following should be said: The premiums for a business legal protection insurance are in any case low compared to the costs that even small legal disputes can bring. At insureQ, you can find offers that often start at as little as €17 per month. Since the costs are difficult to generalize, you can simply give us some key data about your industry and you will receive a personalized offer directly.

What factors influence the cost of commercial legal protection?

In addition to the scope of insurance benefits (modules) and the number of employees in the company, there are usually three other aspects that can have a direct influence on the insurance premium of your business legal protection:

Sum insured

A legal dispute with competitors, business partners, employees, the tax office or other parties can quickly cost you sums in the five-, six- or even seven-figure range. Smaller companies and self-employed persons in particular should therefore pay even more attention to ensuring that the coverage sum of the commercial legal protection defends them from all eventualities: Coverage sums between €250,000 and €500,000 can therefore make perfect sense. You should pay particular attention to this if you are also active internationally, as many providers limit the coverage amount here (e.g., €30,000) and you therefore need the appropriate extension.


Most business legal protection insurance policies have a term of 1, 3 or 5 years, and the longer the term, the lower the premium. Additionally, you can usually save money by paying the full amount for a year in advance.


An excess or deductible is not required for every business legal protection insurance policy and in some cases is waived if you only need an initial legal consultation or are referred to a partner attorney for legal advice. However, a deductible of between €250 and €500 can already have a positive effect on the insurance premium.

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  • What costs does business legal protection insurance cover?
  • How much will business legal protection insurance cost me?