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  • customized insurance for associations
  • protection for decision makers
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Which damages are covered?

  • Financial damages due to omissions and violations
  • personal damages (e.g. compensation for pain and suffering)
  • property damage (e.g. repair)
  • consequential financial loss (e.g. loss of earnings)
  • environmental damage (e.g. disposal costs)
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How much does association insurance cost?

Our insurance for associations is available

from 13.90 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for your club? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Covered in 9 minutes*

Step 1 – Answer a few questions about your business

Step 2 – Get a product recommendation and personalized quote

Step 3 – Purchase your coverage immediately and manage 100 % online

*Depending on elected insurance product, desired start-date of policy and our insurance partners

Insuring risks of associations according to your needs

Whether it's a club party, a meeting or playing sports together: life in a club is diverse and colorful. To be able to enjoy it without reservations, insurance against all potential risks is particularly important. However, the insurance must be as diverse as the clubs themselves: insureQ therefore provides you with an all-round personalized insurance cover that is precisely adapted to the individual needs of your club. Our association insurance offer is 100% digital, requires no prior knowledge and can be purchased online instantly without lengthy comparisons or sales calls.

Full protection for your association in just a few steps

The way to individual association protection with insureQ is very simple and costs you only a few clicks: First, you tell us the most important details about your registered association. We know which potential risks exist and compile the optimal protection based on your key data. We cover a wide range of different registered associations, including sports, cultural, and shooting clubs, as well as non-profit associations, business associations, and volunteer fire departments.

The insureQ algorithm suggests exactly the insurances that fit best to the work and the field of activity of your association. If individual parameters are not yet 100% in line with your expectations, you can easily adjust them - if you wish, our insurance experts will be happy to advise you over the phone.

You can conclude the contract directly online and insureQ will be there for you: claims notifications and contract adjustments can be made at any time via the insureQ portal and our customer service is available to answer any questions you may have by e-mail or phone.

The advantages for association with insureQ:

  • all insurance policies from one source
  • 100 % personalizable - we tailor the insurances individually to your association
  • completely digital and available at any time
  • direct quote calculation via the insureQ algorithm
  • personal consulting by our experts available at any time
  • convenient online processing of damage reports & contract adjustments
  • Experienced partners as risk carriers: ARAG, Hiscox and R+V Versicherung

insureQ puts together a completely digital insurance offer that is adapted to all individual risk factors. This way we can lower the insurance costs for your club and you still don't have to compromise on protection.

Why should I insure my association or club?

Just like private individuals and businesses, associations are also liable in the event of damage. Especially when working in an association, accidents, mistakes and mishaps can occur during sports, events or meetings, resulting in high claims for damages.

In order not to have to settle these claims out of the association's treasury or out of the assets of the board of directors, every association should take out coverage in advance in the form of suitable association insurance policies. They cover the costs of personal injury, property damage or financial loss and thus protect members or board members from the financial consequences.

Which association insurances exist?

Every association is exposed to individual risks. Therefore, our goal at insureQ is to tailor the protection exactly to the requirements. Nevertheless, there are some types of insurances that can be useful for almost every association and, in case of emergency, also secure its existence.

Professional liability insurance for associations

The professional liability insurance (also financial loss liability insurance) protects your association against all financial losses that occur during statutory activities. Pure financial loss" includes all damages that are of a financial, immaterial nature. Therefore, most associations are strongly recommended to take out a pecuniary loss liability insurance.

Example: A member of your club uses a copyrighted picture for the club newspaper. The author suffers a financial disadvantage and sues.

A professional liability policy not only covers the costs of damages, but also checks the legitimacy of the claims made in advance. If the claims are false, the insurance company bears the costs of defending the claim (so-called passive legal protection).

In the case of insureQ, this module also includes automatic coverage of the executive board against claims for damages through an integrated D&O insurance (directors and officers insurance).

Public liability insurance for associations.

Public liability protects registered associations against personal injury, property damage and consequential damage to assets. These are damages such as injuries, damaged equipment and the resulting financial consequences. Also included are trips and smaller events that comply with the association's bylaws. Most clubs are at some risk for personal injury and property damage and should therefore protect themselves with public liability insurance. In particular, it is strongly recommended for sports and shooting clubs.

Example: A spectator falls from the stands during a soccer match on the club's premises and is injured. Treatment costs are incurred and he claims additional compensation for pain and suffering.

Cyber insurance for associations

Cyber insurance protects the association or club against damages caused by cyber attacks, disregard of data protection guidelines or the loss of data. Associations that store sensitive member data - for example, in cloud systems - should take out cyber insurance.

Example: A hacker steals confidential member data and publishes it. Claims for damages arise.

Cyber business interruption insurance for associations.

The cyber business interruption insurance is liable in case of damages caused by an interruption of the IT structure. In particular, associations that carry out many activities through their website can benefit from this coverage.

Example: Your club's website goes down for a few hours and no tickets can be sold for the next concert. The insurance covers the financial loss incurred.

Which insurance does my club need?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. To a certain extent, the aforementioned insurances represent the core of good insurance protection for associations. Depending on the area, however, supplementary insurance (e.g., legal protection for associations) may also be useful. The spectrum of risks to be covered should always be considered on a case-by-case basis in order to guarantee optimal protection for the association and its members.

InsureQ can define exactly which insurance modules your club needs to be on the safe side. Modules that do not fit the club's profile and cause unnecessary costs are excluded from the outset.

How much does an association insurance cost?

Since a different insurance cover should be selected depending on the club profile, the costs incurred are also very variable. In addition to the expected damage risks, the booked insurance sum and the size of your club play a central role. At insureQ, we take special care not to include any unnecessary extra services in your protection and thus offer you the most cost-effective protection. Through our immediate price calculation, you always know what premiums are associated with the insurance.

Is association insurance mandatory?

So far, there is no compulsory insurance for associations and clubs. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for taking out insurance cover: A registered association is liable in the event of damage just like a regular business. If the association cannot pay for the damage alone, the executive board must pay for it with its private assets. In the case of higher damage sums, this can quickly mean financial ruin for the association and the board.

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  • Insuring risks of associations according to your needs
  • Why should I insure my association or club?
  • Which association insurances exist?
  • Which insurance does my club need?
  • How much does an association insurance cost?
  • Is association insurance mandatory?