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Transport insurance for your business - full protection for service providers with insureQ

  • customized commercial insurance
  • get a non-binding quote in 9 minutes
  • purchase and manage 100 % online
  • meets the CMR requirements
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Which damages are covered?

  • Theft, damage and loss of the goods
  • Damage due to severe weather or other natural hazards
  • Losses due to delayed delivery
  • Salvage costs for goods involved in an accident
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How much does this policy cost?

The transport insurance is available

from 33.75 € / monthly

Would you like to know how much this insurance costs for you or your business? With just a few questions, we can calculate a tailored quote.
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Covered in 9 minutes!

Step 1 – Answer a few questions about your business

Step 2 – Get a product recommendation and personalized quote

Step 3 – Purchase your coverage immediately and manage 100 % online

*Depending on elected insurance product, desired start-date of policy and our insurance partners

insureQ: safe transport of goods with tailor-made transport insurance

The transport of goods is always associated with a certain risk: A multitude of dangers lurk in road traffic, and mistakes can also be made in the intermediate storage and storage of goods. In the event of an emergency, both can result in enormous amounts of damage and corresponding claims for compensation.

You can easily minimise your own risk with transport insurance from insureQ: Our insurance cover is 100% tailored to your company and protects it against all risks to which your own goods or the goods of your customers are exposed during transportation.

Secure transport businesses in just 10 minutes - with insureQ

With insureQ, you receive a completely personalised insurance offer within a few minutes and without any paperwork: In the first step, you tell us the most important key data about your company and the goods you transport. We determine the risks to be covered for you and our insureQ algorithm immediately puts together the insurance cover that suits you best.

If you are interested in our offer, you can simply take out the policy online. If you want to adjust certain aspects, you can do it yourself or get advice from our insurance experts by phone. In this way, you can obtain customised, comprehensive insurance cover for your business in just a few minutes.

Our advantages for transport service providers, forwarders and carriers:

  • tailor-made transport insurance package for your business

  • complete offer in just a few minutes thanks to the insureQ algorithm

  • 100 % online: minimal administrative effort without paperwork

  • digital processing of claims and policy adjustments

  • expert advice available at any time: personal contact with our team of experts by email or phone

  • insureQ: all commercial insurances from one source

  • experienced partner: KRAVAG Versicherung protects your cargo as insurance carrier

The insureQ team of experts is always available to answer your questions and, if you wish, will take the time to find the best possible insurance cover for you in a personal telephone conversation. Together with our experienced partners ARAG, Hiscox, R+V and KRAVAG, we offer you the greatest possible insurance expertise and can therefore guarantee you optimal protection.

Transport insurance - what do I need to know?

For the protection of transported goods, transport insurance is indispensable for all transport companies - regardless of whether they are transport service providers, forwarders, freight carriers or logistics companies. Even though no prior knowledge is required for transport insurance cover with insureQ, we would like to show you here how the insurance works, what damage it covers and what protection it actually offers you in the event of a claim.

What is transport insurance?

According to the definition, several different insurance models fall into the category of transport insurance, which are tailored to different industries and needs. What all variants have in common, however, is that they insure transport goods and merchandise against damage that can occur during transport and interim storage.

Especially businesses that regularly transport valuable goods benefit from this protection. After all, the costs that can arise for a company in the event of damage are enormous and can quickly become a threat to a business without the right cover. In the event of accidents, weather-related damage or theft, the transport insurance now takes effect and protects the company from the costs incurred.

What transport insurance is available for transport service providers?

Complete cover for your transport or logistics company is made up of various partial insurances that should be taken out depending on the individual risk. insureQ tells you which components are relevant for your company: simply enter the key data of your activity online and our algorithm will select the appropriate insurance modules for you.

Transport liability insurance (also known as carrier insurance, forwarding insurance or cargo liability insurance) makes a significant contribution to your protection. It is especially adapted to the needs of transport companies and is liable for damage to goods that are in the care of your company for transport.

In which cases is my transport insurance liable?

A transport insurance policy is liable for the most risks to which transport service providers & Co. are exposed in their activities. In the event of justified claims (such as loss or theft of goods), the insurance pays for the damage incurred. This includes the following causes of damage, among others:

  • traffic accidents

  • burglary, theft or robbery of the loaded goods

  • damage occurring during loading

  • fire, storms or other natural hazards.

The insurance cover of a transport insurance does not only apply to transport by vans or trucks. Air and ship freight are also included in the insurance cover.

Transport insurance in the form of transport liability insurance also covers financial losses and consequential financial losses, e.g. loss of earnings due to a delayed delivery. In the case of unfounded claims, it defends the claim for damages by assuming the legal costs incurred (so-called passive legal protection).

Transport insurance is explicitly only liable for damage to the loaded goods. If your company's transport vehicle or truck is damaged, additional motor vehicle insurance is necessary.

Is transport insurance mandatory?

Do you work as a transport service provider, forwarder, logistician or freight carrier and transport goods within Germany? Then the answer is: Yes! All entrepreneurs who transport goods for third parties within Germany for a fee and use vehicles or lorries weighing more than 3.5 tonnes for this purpose must take out transport insurance before registering their business. This requirement is laid down in the Road Haulage Act.

Transport insurance is not only necessary for professional registration: Cargo insurance also plays a central role in the acquisition of customers. In addition to a confirmation of compliance with the CMR requirements, most potential customers enquire in advance which goods are covered by the transport service provider and with what amount of cover. However, there is no mandatory minimum amount of cover. This should be determined in advance by assessing the individual risk of damage.

What is meant by CMR?

CMR stands for the International Convention on Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Road. It regulates the international transport of goods by land. It is often particularly important for customers of transport service providers that they can prove that they have insurance cover in accordance with §§ 425 - 436 HGB, in accordance with Art. 17 - 29 CMR and a basic liability of 40 SZR. The transport insurance of insureQ fulfils these requirements and offers a weight-independent liability and condition-filling transport insurance in the amount of €1,025.

How much does transport insurance cost?

The cost of commercial transport insurance can be calculated based on a variety of factors. When preparing an insurance quote, insurers look at these parameters, among others:

  • company size

  • types of goods

  • countries supplied

  • hazards

These factors vary greatly from company to company. If you want to get an overview of the expected costs in just 10 minutes, insureQ can help you and calculate your exact insurance costs. InsureQ finds all the necessary modules for your protection, but deliberately avoids costly extras that your company does not need. In this way, we help you to reduce insurance costs without compromising on protection.

Can I reduce the costs through a deductible?

The monthly insurance costs can also be reduced through a deductible. In this case, you agree to pay for minor damages out of your own pocket, in return for which you receive a reduced insurance premium.

Whether this measure makes sense for your company depends on how often you have incurred minor damage that you have to pay for yourself. If these are part of your daily routine, you should waive the deductible. If these damages are exceptions, a deductible could be a promising way to save costs.

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  • insureQ: safe transport of goods with tailor-made transport insurance
  • Transport insurance - what do I need to know?
  • What is transport insurance?
  • What transport insurance is available for transport service providers?
  • In which cases is my transport insurance liable?
  • Is transport insurance mandatory?
  • What is meant by CMR?
  • How much does transport insurance cost?